Thursday, July 21, 2011

11 Tools-Thing 11

Well...I'm DONE! Reflections: I have learned in order to help our teachers. I don't teach as I am a library assistant, but I can now assist in a more qualified manner when the teachers have questions. I have also learned what the students know or what they will be learning and can probably assist them better, also.

I enjoyed these sessions mainly because I could gather with other RCE employees and learn and discuss together. Very informative!

11 Tools-Thing 10

As with being a good citizen in general, the students need to be good students on the internet! They need to understand how to be polite, how to be safe and how to "speak" clearly. We must teach them copyright information and how to communicate with people kindly (being polite); we must teach them how to search the web safely, first by giving them sites to visit that we know are safe (as elementary students) and then help them differentiate good from bad as they progress into high grade levels (safety); and lastly, we need to teach them to be literate online. They need to learn how to search correctly...what words to use to get to what they really want to see, etc. (literacy--speak clearly).

I enjoyed coolcatteacher's blog. I'm not the one doing the teaching, but her blog offers great insights. I would start at the beginning..."this is a football" (Vince Lombardi). "This is the internet...this is google...this is an email." Just as we use the ABCs and 123s as building blocks, we too must set up building blocks for the web.

Karen shares digital citizenship with the parents, but basically we go over all of the above. We want the students to have freedom with responsibility. We want the parents to understand that and give them the tools to help them teach their kiddos responsibility, too.

11 Tools-Thing 9

I hate to always start my blog with..."I'm in the library not in a classroom." That's my reality though. I can speak and direct comments to the library so some of what is being asked of me does not relate and, although interesting, will not be used in my area of the school.

What we do have in the library though, are the iPads, iTouches and Dell minis. I have developed the check out system for these electronic tools. Karen Harrell loads all of the apps, the teachers know what's loaded and they come in with their classes and assign them things to do on these devices. The nice thing is that the students can move at their own pace.

In the classrooms, we gave each teacher a Rockstar so that they can use their iTouches as reading centers, math centers, etc. The students can plug in their headsets to the Rockstar and listen to books, etc. Then they can do assignments, have discussions and interact in a center format.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

11 Tools-Thing 8

Being in the library I have been able to use all of these tools. Of course, I've had iTunes forever, own an iPad, MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone, a Dell desktop system, etc., etc. Therefore, there wasn't much more to learn. At RCE we have been using the District devices for over a year, so our students are pretty well versed in how they work. Our students use the iTouches for reading books, doing math games and searching the web. Our iMacs have been used for making iMovies, garage band, and all other things that a computer can do. The Dell minis have been fabulous as a whole class can come into the library and work on a project at each student's pace. We even have a Wii that the kids use before school during "Open Library" time. It's not used as a learning tool right now, but it has helped the students "bond" and enjoy the library in a non-book environment.

Our librarian has one MacBook that we call "the mothership" that all of our iTunes and programs are stored on. In the classroom, the teacher needs to have a centralized account that he/she can manage and then download to all other devices. Of course, as we've learned in 11Tools, the teacher's blog can support some downloads, too, so that students can access things at home without have an iTouch, iPad, etc.

I can see the teachers in the lower grades using the iTouches with a rockstar in their reading centers. Or using them in the the math centers with math games, etc., etc. Luckily, we do these things in the library and any teacher can come in and learn how to do this in a very short period of time!

11 Tools-Thing 7

Hmmm...I continue to struggle with some of these "Things" in how I can implement, etc., etc. I think on this one, though, as the Library Assistant, I can see myself NOT implementing but helping the teachers set up WebCams, getting them into Skype, setting up the library for them, so as to assist the RCE teaching staff implement their collaborative projects.

For example, Stacye Foster wants to use Skype with the "Bird Unit" in 2nd grade. I can be of help to her if she'd like to set up in the library. We can use the webcam on the computer and then hook up to our ActivBoard in the library so that the Skype can be viewed by multiple classes. Or, if it's just her class, the class can view on the ActivBoard while the people Skyping are the only ones being projected.

11 Tools-Thing 6

I set up a new Twitter account...RCE Library Assistant. I think that I can use this to have all of my volunteers follow what's new in the books, art projects, seminars, book fair, etc. They could also Tweet to let me know if they are able to volunteer.

Skype is a great tool, too! I have an account already at home that I use to talk/see my sister in California. For what I do in the library, I'm not sure how I would use it (since I'm the assistant) BUT I do know that we have used Skype to talk/see students who have moved to Alaska and to talk to authors. It may help us through this financial crisis by allowing us to do author visits via Skype for a lesser amount of money. No airfare, hotel, food, etc. Could really cut the costs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

11 Tools-Thing 5

I made a wordle using authors names and other "Children's Book" things. You can view my Wordle by clicking on the previous link. Below is my little Storybird book that I created. It was lots of fun and I can see teachers using this with students to help them learn about creating books, etc. This is a GREAT way to "publish" online!